Yamaha Saxophone

Quick Facts About Yamaha Saxophones

Whether you are looking for the Yamaha Alto Saxophone, the Yamaha Soprano Saxophone, the Yamaha Tenor Saxophone, or the Yamaha Baritone Saxophone, you will not be disappointed with  the quality. They are one of the most popular musical instrument providers and a good choice for saxophonists.

Yamaha saxophones provide a comfort in playing that you may not find with other companies. They are designed to be natural and easy to play, which is helpful to beginners and professionals alike. They also have a great sound quality, due to their sleek and natural design. They are comfortable to hold and the fingering positions are easy to reach and play, thanks to an adjustable thumb rest that comes on every Yamaha saxophone. You can move the thumb rest to the position you want to make playing the instrument right for you.

Yamahas also have exceptional tone quality. If you're willing to pay a bit more money, you can get a higher quality instrument overall designed to provide a better sound. For instance, professional or custom made Yamaha saxophones can have smaller tone holes, leading to better intonation. You can also upgrade your sound quality just by buying a higher quality Yamaha mouthpiece. These are available in either plastic or rubber, and they have different size openings depending on your need and your ability. Another nice thing about Yamaha saxophones is that they provide such excellent sound while still being relatively easy to manage and to play.

If you are looking to buy a Yamaha saxophone, be prepared to pay a little more than some of the other popular saxophone companies. It is possible to find a deal on a basic, student or beginner Yamaha Saxophone Alto for around $800. However, if you're looking into something a little better for the intermediate player, you're probably going to pay around $1,500. A professional alto saxophone will probably start at around $2,500. Keep in mind, though, that even if you are paying a little more than you would for a different company's instrument, you are paying for quality with Yamaha. Soprano, tenor, and baritone saxophones go for even more than the prices listed for altos.

Whether you are a beginner saxophone player or you've been doing it for years, Yamaha is certain to have an instrument that works for you. With the versatility in what they have to offer and high quality instrument you will receive, you really can't go wrong with Yamaha - provided that you're willing and able to pay the price.

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