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Facts About Yamaha Flutes

There are many musical instrument companies that are known to produce good, quality instruments, and Yamaha is certainly one of the leading companies, especially for flutes. Because it is such a huge producer of flutes, there are many styles and types available.

Yamaha flutes are appropriate for almost any skill level. They have beginning flutes, but they are especially good for intermediate players. The tone is quite nice on these flutes, and you can choose a type that works for you and your situation - if you're not ready to play an open-hole flute, you can buy a closed-hole flute from Yamaha or an open-hole with the holes plugged. Even with the plugs these flutes have a nice sound quality to them. If you're a professional flutist Yamaha also has a range of handmade flutes to suit all of your needs, or you can go on their website and custom design your own flute.

Also, Yamaha flutes are quite durable and are made with high quality materials. This can be especially good if the beginning or intermediate player is younger. Students in elementary school or middle school might want to go with a Yamaha because they will last longer and will keep their quality sound. Depending on how much you are willing to pay, you can get flutes from Yamaha in nickel, sterling silver (the whole flute or just the headpiece), or even gold brass. Most of their pads are double padded so they last longer and you don't have to have the pads replaced nearly as often. The keys are thick and still comfortable to play.

While prices may vary depending on what type of Yamaha flute you get, this company can be one of the more expensive of all the musical instrument companies out there. You can find a Yamaha student flute for as low as around $500. One for that price would be made of a nickel and would be close-holed. If you're a professional looking to buy a high-quality flute, prepare to pay $2,000 or more. There are many flutes that fall in between these two prices as well, with intermediate Yamahas going for about $800-1,500. However, because Yamaha Flutes are high-quality, they may be worth the higher price.  Some popular Yamaha Flutes for sale include the Yamaha Flute 211, Yamaha Flute 221, and the Yamaha Student Flute.

Yamaha has always been a reliable company for musical instruments, and buying a flute is no exception. While the biggest downfall may be the price, keep in mind that Yamaha has a wide range of choices good for all ages and abilities, as well as being durable and long lasting.

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