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The Best Yamaha Clarinets

Yamaha is known for making superior products including instruments, keyboards and other audio interfaces. The clarinet is a popular instrument that requires a great amount of skills. Many of the top orchestras use clarinet players to create the perfect sound and harmony. Playing the clarinet is actually more difficult than many other instruments because of the amount of wind needed to create the right pitch and sound volume. Here are the top Yamaha clarinet models on the market:

Yamaha YCL-250 Standard Clarinet Outfit- This clarinet is one of the more basic models and is often used by beginners. The average price is $600 and comes with nickle plated keys and a bell ring. Other features include a Bb key and 4C mouthpiece. The resin body of the clarinet has a matte finish and a bell. Players can use the 1st valve thumb hook for transitioning between notes more effectively. The valve is also adjustable. The instrument also has pressure form tubing which decreases hand tension when playing notes.

Yamaha YCL 450 N Bb Clarinet- This model also comes with nickle plated keys. It is considered one of the most expensive models. The estimated price is $1000. The keys allow for a more focused and sharp tone which is clear. The body is made from wood and is considered a professional model of Yamaha Clarinet. For players who are looking for a more professional and quality sound, this is a really good option.

450 N Intermediate Yamaha Clarinets - This instrument is a step up from the 450 model. The estimated price is $1,024 and also has a sleeker look. The model doesn't necessarily come with extra features, but rather has a sleeker look than the other models.  Other Popular Yamaha Clarinet models include the Yamaha 20 Clarinet, Yamaha Allegro Clarinet, Yamaha Student Clarinet, and the Yamaha Bass Clarinet.

Accessory Kits For Yamaha Clarinet Models

With any instrument, it is important to have the right accessory tools. One of the kits provided by Yamaha is the Clarient Maintenance Kit (Wood). This kit usually doesn't cost more than $15. The kit includes a tube, cork grease, clarinet tone hole cleaner, mouthpiece brush, cotton swab, pad papers and a polish cloth. It is important to pick the right maintenance kit for the type of material the clarinet is made from. Some kits are made only to work with certain material. As mentioned before, a Yamaha clarinet can be made from brass/steel or wood. It all depends on the builder or manufacturer and the model. Cleaning the clarinet will allow it to keep producing sharp sounds.

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