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Vito Saxophones Are Top Quality Saxophones

Vito Saxophones are top quality saxophones, ideal for all student players. Vito is a French company that creates saxophones with the qualities of a professional saxophone and the components of an instrument geared towards younger players. Vito saxophones, including older saxophones from before the seventies are made with an extremely high standard ensuring the any saxophone purchased, whether new or pre-owned will be the best instrument for a learning student. Though they are of a very high quality, they are low in price and will last for many years and come with all the Leblanc Vito Saxophone essentials.

The Vito Saxophones have many features of professional saxophones. They are made with superior intonation allowing the student to garner a good sound with ease. Instead of cork or synthetic pads, the pads are made with quality leather. The leather allows for a better seal when the key is depressed. Instead of plastic, the resonators over the pads are metal adding to the superior sound quality.  The Vito line includes the Vito Alto Saxophone, Vito Tenor Saxophone, and the Vito Baritone Saxophone.

Along with handsomely made professional features, the line of Vito Saxophones is quite ideal for students. The construction is sturdy and rugged for the occasional accident. The instrument is also made smaller to fit into the smaller hands of young students, allowing for the easier grasp of note fingerings and maneuvering between notes. The bottom curve of the saxophones is wider to give students an easier time of hitting low notes, a hard task for many beginners and for some, even harder to perfect. The range, for many of the saxophones in the Vito Saxophone brand, starts at low B flat to high F natural.

When it comes to instrument pricing, the cost of the new saxophones is very affordable for parents and schools. New saxophones usually price in the 1000 dollar range, while pre-owned instruments are lower in price depending on age and functionality. Every new saxophone comes with a neck strap, mouth piece, ligature and hard case, allowing the student to go straight to lessons after the saxophone is received and reeds are purchased.

The Vito brand of saxophone is one of utmost trustworthiness for all students. With qualities befitting a professional saxophone and details ideal for a student, the cost is quite reasonable for parents and schools opening a child to the vast and amazing world of music or beginning adults wishing to explore the world for themselves. The saxophones hold a deeply ingrained quality and expert craftsmanship that will make learning and playing the saxophone an enjoyment for all.

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