Vito Clarinet

The Vito Clarinet Is Best For Beginners

From jazz bands to symphony orchestras, the mellow sounds of a clarinet are an important part of both of these type ensembles. Although the b flat clarinet is the most often played, all orchestras have a bass clarinet included in their groups of instruments. Listeners most enjoy the soothing tone of these lovely music makers.  The addition of Vito Clarinets can enrich this sound.

There are five parts to these instruments and one reed, which produces the sound. When the mouthpiece is blown, the reed will vibrate, which sends the blown air into the instrument, creating the sound. The sound is changed by putting your fingers over the holes of the piece.

This instrument is in the woodwind family, and was the last in its group to be made. These beautifully sounding instruments come in different keys including A, C, and E flat, which is a smaller clarinet than others. This instrument was developed in the early part of the 18th century by revising the Chalumeau, which was the first instrument that was created as a single reed instrument. Mozart was the first composer to use this instrument and produced a concerto just for it. Later in the 20th century, Benny Goodman begins using it in his jazz ensembles.

Students who are just beginning to learn how to play the clarinet often choose a Vito clarinet. LeBlanc Vito Clarinet or Vito Clarinets offer a vast array of these instruments to choose from with even rare ones that other makers tend to forget about. Schools worldwide choose to use these clarinets for their school bands.  Popular Vito Clarinet models include the Vito Clarinet 7212, Vito Reso Tone Clarinet, and the Vito Bass Clarinet.

They are manufactured in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where they began being made in the 1950's, when a sudden huge demand for them became present. Due to France's inability to produce enough, the Leblanc Company begin making plastic ones to meet the high demands.

The Vito clarinet is made by using Resotone, which is a plastic. A blank is made by cutting the plastic, and then it is bored to precision to become the instrument that the student will be playing. This method is different then the commonly used injection mold.

This company makes the B flat, which is commonly used by students, as well as many other types. These instruments are made differently than many other manufactures since these are made with plastic instead of wood. This makes them affordable for schools and other organizations and perfect for the child who wants to learn to play this instrument with a private teacher.

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