Selmer Flute

The Wonderful Sound Of Selmer Flutes

The sound of an excellent orchestra is one of the most pure things that can be heard. It is so much more natural than the rap and rock that is being listened to by our youth today. Every time an orchestra plays, blissful melodies, foreboding tunes, and wonderful symphonies are expressed in ways that a synthesizer does not have the capability of doing.

There are many instruments that are included in these ensembles that make them great. Trombones and bassoons take the bass and create a strong and powerful sound. Trumpets and saxophones clear the middle section of sound and make the song loud and powerful. Clarinets and oboes add a soft sound that is meant to convey sadness or gentleness. One sound that is often forgotten is the very high pitched sound of the flute.

Flutes are one of the most important instruments in a band or ensemble, and having the flute made skillfully and carefully can greatly improve or destroy its sound. Very skillfully crafted flutes, such as Selmer flutes, can produce a magnificent sound. Selmer has been around for many years and has been making top of the line instruments since the nineteenth century. Alexandre Selmer was an excellent clarinetist that played in the New York Philharmonic, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra all between 1895 and 1910. When he stopped playing, he started to craft clarinets to sell to some of his former band mates.  Some of the popular models include the Selmer Signet Flute, Selmer Prelude Flute, and the Bundy Selmer Flute or Selmer Bundy Flute.

Selmer’s clarinets won a ribbon at the 1904 World’s Fair, and after that his business boomed. Selmer began to make many clarinets and all other types of woodwind instruments. Selmer and Conn joined forces when they figured they could do much better as one company. Conn takes part in the production of brass instruments, so all corners of the instrument market are covered by these two companies. Selmer is now one of the leading manufacturers of flutes all over the world.

Selmer workers take pride in what they are doing, and they make the Selmer Flute with the finest of care and out of the finest materials. These flutes are now made with the care of hand skilled workers, but are made by technologically advanced machines to decrease human error in beveling and in shaping. When it comes to the sound of an orchestra, there can be no mistakes made if an audience is to be impressed. This means that all of the performers have to know their music, and all of their instruments have to be in the best shape they can be in.

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