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Best Selmer Clarinet Models Available

Selmer Clarinets are known for their beautiful craftsmanship and defined sound. They come in different colors, sizes and shapes and used by some of the top musicians in the world. Here are the best models on the market made under the Selmer clarinet type:

CL701 Prelude Bb Clarinet- This instrument is not only beautiful but very affordable. The average cost comes in at only $250. The CL701 has features that are suitable for beginner students. The model is usually included with a deluxe zipper canvas case to hold the instrument along with accessories. The average weigh is six pounds which makes it easy for carrying around. Built with the best construction, the clarinet CL701 model has been the standard for over 80 years.

Cl211 Intermediate Bb Clarinet- This model is not rated as high as the others, however, it is still able to produce a nice sound and is considered a selmer clarinet classic. This instrument is marked at an estimated price of $1000. The instrument is made up of grenadilla wood and features an adjustable thumbrest, undercut tone holes and a small bore. If bought from a major outlet or department store, the clarinet should also come with a free software called, 'Smart Music Studio'. Other included assessories are a cap and ligature and mouthpiece.

Selmer Paris Clarinet Model 65 Professional Low Eb Bass- This Selmer Bass Clarinet is really unique and consumers will not find many of them on the market. It is rather expensive; estimated price is $9000. Just like the Intermediate clarinet made from Selmer,it is made from Grenadilla wood (the upper and lower joints). It also has a keywork which is made from nickel silver. Some parts of the keywork is silver-plated and not 100% silver. Rather a customer is a musician or a collector, they will enjoy the tone and sharpness of this instrument.

Selmer Clarinets (103)- This type of instrument was made for the intermediate player. The clarinet comes with a log and is usually built to resist scratches, discoloration and other damages which can occur with long usage. The clarinet comes with a Selmer HS mouthpiece, swab, reed holder and cork grease. The pads, corks and springs are known to last long.

Selmer 200 Clarinet - This type of clarinet has a very good sound and pitch. The body is made up of wood and comes with sturdy latches and a molded plastic case. This Selmer clarinet is considered more basic than the other models. Other popular Selmer Clarinets include the Selmer Signet Clarinet and the Selmer Bundy Clarinet.

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