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The Sound of a Schilke Trumpet

Having a great sounding ensemble is a very rare thing these days. With synthesizers and fake sounds taking over as the main source of music, it is no wonder that instructors and musicians are striving to teach music to young people and save a dying art. In today’s world, if an ensemble does not sound perfect, people lose interest and go toward other types of music. Because it is so important that this art be kept alive, only the best instruments should be kept in ensembles. The trumpet is one that must be the best in order to produce a beautiful sound.

Trumpets are the strength and the power behind any band or orchestra. They create a sound that is lifted above all other sounds and characterize what it is to be a band. One of the trumpet makers that is bidding for the market is Schilke Trumpets. This company has been around since 1956 Renold O. Schilke decided to make a certain type of mouthpiece to help trumpet players create a more beautiful sound. His business started as just a mouthpiece manufacturer and an accessories dealer, but as the years went on he started to manufacture trumpets, cornets, and trombones. Schilke is now one of the most renowned trumpet makers out there.

These trumpets are built to be the best for both students and professional trumpet players. They are all assembled at a 16,000 square foot facility located in Melrose Place, IL. About forty of the world’s finest craftsmen are employed to hand assemble and shape each individual trumpet that comes out of the facility. This ensures that the traditions that Renold Schilke set in place are honored and that every trumpet is made with the touch and compassion of a human worker, not a machine.

This company produces many different kinds of trumpets and cornets that have been renowned for their excellence in the brass community. A wide range of different bell types, such as beryllium, silver, and tuning, have characterized the trumpets that have come out of the plant for the last fifty years. Schilke Trumpets also makes B flat, C, E flat, G, and piccolo trumpets, which is many more than most trumpet manufacturers.  Some of the popular trumpets include the Schilke C trumpet, the Schilke HD trumpet, and the Schilke piccolo trumpet.

There is absolutely not a doubt in the world that when it comes to sound, having a finely tuned and well crafted trumpet is necessary. These instruments have lived through the ages and are still one of the strongest pieces in an ensemble. They rise above all other instruments and create a sound that everybody longs to hear.  If you can't afford a new Schilke trumpet, then you should consider a used Schilke trumpet.

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