Noblet Clarinet

The Great Noblet Clarinets

Known for its warm-centered sound and produced by LeBlanc as an intermediate instrument, the Leblanc Noblet Clarinet is a classic wood enhancement for any school orchestra. Professionals usually choose a variety that needs less tweaking and is enabled for fast fingering but the quality of the Noblet Clarinet garners fans who lean towards older models and what can be termed as the "flying on a cloud" sound.

Replaced by the Buffet or a professional LeBlanc, this pure instrument is built almost exactly as any other clarinet. Rather than the new age plastic or metal veneers, beautiful keys are accompanied by a solid wood shaft. The keys are either the traditional silver or nickel-plated, in the case of the Noblet 45 Clarinet and D Noblet Clarinet, and only need a soft cloth to shine. Playing in the standard B flat key and providing flexibility is often an enhancement that intermediate players depend on with this choice in instrument.

The clarinet, a transposing member of the orchestra, (one that plays at a different pitch than seen on the score) is an adaptation in design of the Chalumeau. The Chalumeau, like the Noblet, provides a clear soprano sound and versatility within the accompanying instruments’ melodies. Unlike the ancient Baroque style instrument, the Noblet Clarinet allows for the full use of the Boehm key work.

When considering the purchase of any clarinet it is important to gauge budget and quality of instrument. The budget for a child’s clarinet should depend on financial ability, longevity of interest and potentially, talent. If the clarinet is a passing fancy like ballet or little league, a used instrument will provide the same benefits as a new clarinet. Older models while providing mystery and intrigue may not provide an optimal sound. Compare the cost of the instrument, as well as repairs and updates it may need, before making any long-standing decisions.  Especially if you are going to invest in an expensive Noblet Bass Clarinet.

Most importantly, personal preference is the number one criteria for purchase. The clarinet is described as well suited for individuals with small, nimble fingers. Despite this claim, some models, even within the noblet clarinet family, have ranges that the smaller hands of a child or young adult may not be able to reach easily. Try out different models and then search for the bargain. Like any instrument, guitar to piccolo, each specific choice has its own individual quirks. Just because it looks pretty and plays well for the sales clerk, doesn’t mean you’ll be capable of the same sound.

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