Martin Saxophone

History of Martin Saxophones

The Martin Saxophone was first created by the Martin company in Chicago by a man named Jack Henry. The Martin Company was located in Chicago which was the home to jazz and other blues singers. After the Chicago fire, the company was left in ruins and destroyed. The business was later moved to Indiana. The quality sound of the saxophone (Martin) is often recognized by music professionals all over the world. Since they are rare, they are often sought after more than any other vintage instrument in the world. They are also known for having great quality.


There are multiple models available under this type of saxophone. Some of the most popular is the 'Hand Craft', 'Imperial', and 'Comittee'. Each were created in different years and had their own distinct sound.

How To Identify

There are not a lot of ways to identify Martin Saxophones except by checking the serial number. Most of the student collections produced by Henry includes the 'Indiana', 'Imperial' or 'Medalist'. These models were created in 50's and 60's. Though these are not considered the 'professional' brands, they are still popular and consider a one-in-a-kind vintage instrument. What is even more appealing than the sound is the sleek design. There are a lot of variations in the Martin saxophone theme. Most of the models are made from either silver or gold. A Soprano Straight can cost anywhere from $800-$1000. The most expensive is the Baritone Magna which is marked at an estimated price of $3600. These are usually some of the prices appraisers will come up with as well along with private owners of these vintage saxophones.

There are some websites that offer serial number information for those trying to pinpoint these types of saxophones. The serial number will be included along with the month and date of each number. This will help the owner of interested buyer know whether he has a Martin Saxophone on his hands.

Type Of Music These Saxophones are Used For

These saxophones are usually used for latin, jazz and soul music. This is because of the different tones available such as; the Martin Alto Saxophone, the Martin Tenor Saxophone,  the Martin Baritone Saxophone, and the Martin Soprano Saxophone. Professional artists often request the use of these saxophones because of the authentic and unique sound. Also, music producers use these saxophones when recording music, since a lot of the new technology cannot duplicate the sound (keyboards, audio editors,etc.) The Martin Saxophone is truly a special and rare instrument.

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