Leblanc Clarinet

The Importance of LeBlanc Clarinets

A musician works long, tiresome hours at perfecting his or her art. They strive to become the greatest in their field, almost becoming one with their instrument. Clarinet players strive for perfection in their music and their instruments, thriving on the clear, crystal sound emitting from the clarinet. When looking for this type of high quality, it comes as no surprise that many clarinet players turn to LeBlanc for their clarinets.

LeBlanc clarinets are designed to fit the needs of many different types of clarinet players, at all skill levels. LeBlanc created three different series of clarinets so that these unique needs can be better met; the Backun Series, Heritage, and Leblanc Vito Clarinet.  The LeBlanc Noblet Clarinet and the LeBlanc Normandy Clarinet are popular models.  The Backun Series clarinets were masterfully designed by Morrie Backun and LeBlanc engineers to represent the highest achievement occurring in acoustic, artistic, and mechanical design. Many of the country’s top clarinet players choose a LeBlanc clarinet from the Backun series for its evenness in tone and comfort. Most clarinets in the Backun series are uncompromising in tonal clarity and fullness. These Leblanc clarinets also have newly designed keys with a softer feel in order to make the musician feel more comfortable while playing the Backun clarinets.

The Heritage series Leblanc clarinets represent tradition with a twist. These clarinets offer the legendary LeBlanc sound paired with contemporary acoustics and keying system. This LeBlanc clarinet is designed for players who want a warm sound but also flexibility and focus. Many of the Heritage Series clarinets are ideal of orchestral settings. These clarinets can be played at full levels without tone distortion. The keys on most Heritage Series clarinets are silver plated and guaranteed to work smoothly and efficiently. One user commented on this clarinet that from the “moment you touch the keys, you will be in awe.”

The Vito Series clarinets are perfect for student clarinetists.  This includes the Leblanc Bass Clarinet.  These clarinets are durable in their construction, which is perfect for the young learning student. They offer comfortable keying and the rich LeBlanc sound. Most Vito clarinets are extremely responsive and have free blowing mouthpieces, allowing the student clarinetist to have the best possible start in his or her musical career. One user commented that this clarinet was “durable and great-sounding…I love it!”

LeBlanc Clarinets have the motto “Never Look Back” and once you’ve purchased a LeBlanc you will never regret it. With their rich tones and differing styles, you’re sure to find a clarinet to fit your specific needs.

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