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A Taiwanese company called Jupiter Saxophones was originated in 1930, although they didn't hit the scene until the 1950's. The company originally had a mission of helping schools and contributing to culture. Unlike the Chinese and Indian cheaper saxes on the sales market today, Jupiter saxophones are generally regarded as reliable. Jupiter was established by its Taiwanese parent company KHS in 1980. While Jupiter is not the very top professional brand of saxophone, most players consider them to be a good intermediate horn.

Jupiter's research and development continued to strengthen each year and today Jupiter manufactures a comprehensive line of brass and woodwind instruments. Jupiter continues to search for and utilize the very latest technology to achieve an ever higher standard of excellence. Modernization does not however deter Jupiter from maintaining close contact with leading players, teachers and artisans to collaborate on the hand finishing necessary to make a truly great performance instrument.

The saxophones can range in price from $999 to $5,600. Whether you are a beginner or a pro they provide the most advanced features possible to ensure comfort and performance. The Bb tenor type is most common, coming with a high range of features. These features include a sterling silver neck, a lacquered brass body, engraved bell, nickel plated keys, tilting G#, Bb table keys, high F#, front F, metal tone boosters, adjustable thumb rest, upper and lower stack adjustable screws, blued steel springs, and a wood framed case. All this being made from the best materials.

With the introduction of its Artist Series, Jupiter has added four new stars to the saxophone universe. The series includes the Jupiter Alto Saxophone, Jupiter Tenor Saxophone, Jupiter Baritone Saxophone and, most recently, a Jupiter Soprano Saxophone (model number 847SG). With top-of-the-line professional horns costing about $3,500, the 847SG is a bargain at a suggested retail price of $2,150. In fact, the price is a key point in Jupiter’s marketing strategy for the entire 800 series.The Jupiter soprano is a professional level instrument that requires some concessions in sound to deliver the perks of a top-of-the-line Jupiter Saxophone at half the price.

Jupiter saxophones, therefore, are the result of this mission to create educational and culturally relevant products. This company has surpassed many others in the very nature to help societies children by making affordable great sounding instruments. An effort is made to keep the cost down while providing quality, so that families of school children can afford these beginner saxes and other instruments. The company was also given a prestigious award for quality manufacturing.

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