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Quick Facts about Jupiter Flutes

Jupiter is a company that produces musical instruments, and though they may not be as well known as some companies, such as Yamaha or Gemeinhardt, they do have a good range of flutes available, especially for those players in the beginner or intermediate range.

They have a nice selection of different kinds of flutes, from student to professional. You can get a beginner flute that is open holed or close holed, and you can get one that is silver plated or made from sterling silver. In addition, their 500 series is comfortable and easy to play, and responds well to the first time player. If you're looking for any sort of specialty flute, Jupiter has lots of choices. They have created a unique line of assisted fingering models, Jupiter Alto Flute and Jupiter Bass Flute, and their line of DiMedici flutes, which are beautiful, higher quality flutes.

The lines of assisted fingering models decrease the stretch between keys and positions, making them perfect for the very young or very small learner. They feature a curved head joint, which brings the keys and the whole instrument closer to the body of the player, and they also have smaller scale fingerings and are close holed. Though the playing of the instrument is simplified, it still produces a good sound. In order to simplify things a bit more, this line of "Prodigy flutes" from Jupiter Flute also features a one-piece body.

The price of a Jupiter Flutes for sale depends on what kind you are buying. You can get a basic, beginner flute for as low as $400 in some places, and if you are looking for one of their assisted fingering models you'll pay somewhere between $500-600. A standard or intermediate level flute will probably cost you around $600-1200. If you are looking for a professional flute or you want to get one of the DiMedici flutes that Jupiter offers, prices start at around $1200 and go up. In general the price of a Jupiter flute is cheaper than a company like Yamaha or Pearl, and comparable to a Gemeinhardt.

Jupiter is a good company to look into if you are trying to find a specialty flute or a flute for a young beginner, and they are also good for intermediate players. Once you are looking to play professionally you may want to investigate companies with higher quality flutes, but for students and more casual flute players there are many Jupiter flutes, such as the Jupiter Student Flute that will work very well.

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