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Holton Trumpets for Professional Quality

The age-old question is, “What’s in a name? “ Everything, some might say and others may not give it a second thought. It comes down to supply and demand. When it is sought after, then the name says it all. When you hear the name Holton Trumpet, the name is one that says it all. It bears a nostalgic resemblance to a time when the John Philips Sousa Band, of which he was a member playing the trombone, entertaining the public. The Frank Holton & Co. , which began business with the sale of Frank’s own trombone slide oil and, re-selling used band equipment was soon to become a world-renown purveyor of the finest band instruments around. From 1896 on Chicago’s West Side, when Frank Holton began his business of making band instruments, the name began to become synonymous with quality and incomparable sound. From start to finish, Holton Trumpets have been and always will be manufactured completely in Elkhorn, WI. Although, begun in Chicago, IL, Holton had made Elkhorn home. The passing of Frank Holton in 1942, his legacy in the company had produced a legendary name in the world of music and it continues to this day, over 100 years later.

The Holton trumpet is a widely accepted beginner instrument, used from elementary school bands to the high school crowd. The Holton Trumpet is to be lauded for it’s professional quality performance and sturdy, durable construction while aesthetically pleasing in appearance. The beginner need not feel as if one would be playing something of inferior quality. The feeling when playing such an instrument is one of being right and that brings out the best efforts of both the novice and professional. It should come as no surprise then, that the instrument should make it's way into the theater and dance band performances of yesteryear and, today the tones are making themselves heard in New York, Boston and Philadelphia entertaining thousands with their orchestral performances.  Some common trumpets include the Holton T602 trumpet, Holton Collegiate trumpet, and the Holton pocket trumpet.

However, the name Frank Holton Trumpet, is an enduring one. The cost for one of these can range from $699.00 to $1800.00 depending upon the demand. As noted earlier, the name is everything when it comes to selecting a winner. Surviving through wars and peacetime, this name has seen it all and has continued to support a quality that has not faltered through company changes. That says a lot about the instrument and your choice.

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