Holton Saxophone

The Great Sound Of Holton Saxophones

The Holton Saxophone Company was formed in 1896 by Frank Holton. Holton was a trombonist under John Phillips Sousa who decided to start his own line. He started his own instrument store and developed quite a following of enthusiasts over the years. Eventually the Holton line was purchased by the horn company known as Leblanc in the 1960's.

Though now owned by the Leblanc Company the Holton line is still produced under the Holton line. To this day Holton Saxophones are some of the most frequently purchased for beginners and professionals alike. They make the Holton Tenor Saxophone and the Holton Alto Saxophone.  There is a cult like following of the Frank Holton Saxophone fans who enjoy collecting the many antique editions of the sax. There are several fan sites and forums on the web to celebrate and discuss the beauty of this fantastic Holton saxophone line.

These vintage beauties can be purchased on EBay or through websites that specialize in antique horns. One of the most appealing things about these babies is the engraved model name and serial number that is on the instrument itself. The engravings are both elaborate and beautiful and can be used to identify the model year. A quick search of the web will match the serial number engraving with a certain year in history. That year marks the creation of the horn.

The price for a vintage Holton saxophone varies greatly. A savvy shopper can often find them for $200 or less on the net. The average going to price is likely closer to around $700 and depends entirely on the age and condition of the piece. The history and craftsmanship of the Holton are what really make it valuable. It shows that every detail was well thought out and planned when it came to the creation of these horns. It is a tradition amongst sax players to own at least one of the beauties and many sax players own several.

This horn is one that can be passed down from parent to child for many years to come. Many of the oldest model of Holton are still in use today and sounding as beautiful as ever. As long as the vintage sax is cared for and treated with love it will last a lifetime. This is particularly true of the Holton line which was created to last and so far has done a great job of staying true to that purpose. Regardless of skill level the Holton is a great sax to own.

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