Holton French Horn

The Holton French Horn: What To Consider When Buying

A Holton French horn is a fantastic choice for all sorts of players, from beginner through intermediate to seasoned pro. Holton French horns are some of the finest models available. In this article we will look at what a French horn is, the different kinds available, and what you should consider when buying one, either new or used.

What is a French horn?

The French horn is a brass instrument consisting of about twelve feet of tubing curled up into a very distinctive coil with a flared bell. The horn is the second highest sounding of all the brass instruments and is particularly expressive in the hands of an experienced player owing to its unusually wide range of up to four octaves. Usually tuned in either Bb or F, the horn is distinct from other brass instruments such as the trumpet for having a very different mouthpiece and a conical bore, which creates its very characteristic mellow tone.

Holton horn models:

There are a number of options to choose from here, including the Holton Double French Horn and the Holton Farkas French Horn. Holton produces a wide range of different models to suit different players. The common features of all Holton models include tapered valve rotors, which seat themselves automatically as they wear, rather than growing less well sealed with age like many inferior horns. They also feature overlapping seams in the bells, which are much more durable than the usual “butt” seams and help produce a better tone.

The Farkas wrap uses a somewhat different tuning system that allows the player to tune each side of the horn independently. The Farkas Holton H179 French horn, which features this design, has good projection. Its specifications also encourage a rich, dark sound.

Buying a Holton French horn:

A professional will always have a better judgment of an instrument than a beginner, so it may be worth finding someone in your local band to come along with you and help you choose a suitable model. It is worth considering a used Holton French horn, as these instruments will last a long time when taken care of, and the second-hand horn may be just as good as a newer one but at a much lower price. At the same time, you might think about looking for instruments online, as if you want to get the absolute lowest prices the internet is often the place to search.

It is well worth spending a little extra when buying a Holton French horn as the cheapest instrument is not necessarily the best value. A somewhat more expensive instrument is likely to have been taken care of better and be in better condition. If you spend some time looking for a good investment you are sure to have an instrument that will last you years and still retain a good resale value when you eventually decide to graduate up to a superior model.

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