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Getzen Trombone Facts

Getzen Trombones are one of most respected trombones in the world. One factor that makes the trombone so popular is its durability. The same construction techniques that were used to create their popular custom series trombones are used during the making of the Getzen trombones. Another reason for its popularity is its slide. Every Gretzen trombone has German silver inside its slide tubes. The tubes are chrome plated, which makes them durable enough to withstand wear and tear over time.

Additionally, each tube is barrel-shaped, creating a fast and smooth slide action. Each slide tube is created by using special tools designed primarily for creating the straightest trombone tubes possible. This, combined with the fact that each trombone is straightened by hand, is a reason musicians will be hard pressed to find a slide that is smoother and faster than that of a Getzen. The trombones also feature top-notch hand-spun bells in an assortment of metals and gauges. The higher end trombones feature a plethora of bells created to meet the needs of specific musicians.

The Getzen bass trombone is part of the custom design from the Getzen ProShop. Custom series bass trombones come with a choice of red or yellow brass bells, while the professional weight hand slides are available in yellow brass with German silver oversleeves and end crooks. The Getzen valve trombone features axial flow valves which simplifies the playing of the trombone's F attachment. The valve's purpose is to straighten the air column when entering the attachment. As a result, playing through the attachment is a lot like playing through an open horn. Getzen axial flow valves are quiet, smooth, and easy to maintain.

The Getzen 351 and 451 trombones are the most durable, which makes them popular in classroom settings. The 351 trombones consist of hand-spun, yellow brass bells that are reinforced by wire rims. Students searching for a warmer sound prefer the 451 Trombone, which comes with a hand-spun, gold brass bell and a gold brass tuning slide crook. Meanwhile, the Getzen 725 trombone offers musicians professional features at affordable prices. Like the Getzen professional trombones, the 725 model features a hand-spun bell with inner hand slide tubes that are also chrome plated with barrel-shaped stockings.

There is a Getzen Trombone model for everyone. Whether musicians plan on playing in a classroom setting, a symphony, swing clubs, or a marching band, they can be expected to perform at peak levels. These brands of trombones are durable, and of very high quality.

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