Gemeinhardt Flute

Quick Facts About Gemeinhardt Flutes

Gemeinhardt is a musical instrument company dedicated solely to making flutes and piccolos, and is the world's largest manufacturer of flutes and piccolos. Though they have quality flutes good for all ages and abilities, Gemeinhardt is best known for their basic, beginner flutes.

A Gemeinhardt Student Flute is a good choice for a beginning flute student because their student flutes are reliable and easy to play. You can get a good tone out of the instrument without perfecting the intricacies of breathing. They are also fairly durable and do not often require maintenance or repairs. Many music teachers to students in elementary school or middle school will recommend the Gemeinhardt to beginner students due to their ease of playing and the price. Throughout the years Gemeinhardt has focused on catering to beginners, so their student flutes are some of the best out there, though the story is a little different for players past the beginner level.

Gemeinhardt flutes are usually not the number one choice with professionals or serious flute players. Throughout the years the company has changed hands several times, and as a result the quality has changed as well. Some older Gemeinhardts may play and feel very differently from a more recent Gemeinhardt. The sound quality is not as high as some other brands, and may lead to breathing problems while playing. Gemeinhardt tends to have a lower quality of manufacturing, and problems have been raised related to the headjoints, which are often unevenly cut, making it difficult to play.

A Gemeinhardt flute may cost a little less than companies like Yamaha, with a basic, student flute available for around $400. However, if you are looking into a higher level of flute the price is going to go up, though you can still find an intermediate flute for around $500-1,000. Professional flutes start at around $2,000 and go up depending on the model. Occasionally you can get a package deal on a Gemeinhardt flute with a piccolo, if you were looking to buy both. Just keep in mind that you don't want to buy two instruments just because it's a good deal. Make sure you're getting what you want and what you're looking for. Popular models include the Gemeinhardt 3shb Flute, Gemeinhardt 2sp Flute, and the Gemeinhardt Open Hole Flute.

Overall, Gemeinhardt flutes are known for beginning flute players and can provide a good quality student flute for a pretty good value. However, if you've played for some time or you're looking to upgrade your flute, you may want to look elsewhere for a higher quality intermediate or professional flute.

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