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The Emerson Flute has a tone and clear sound when it is being played. The Emerson Flutes are still being developed into modern instruments by different manufacturers. The manufacturers of these flutes are a part of a family-run company. The CEO is Emerson L. Deford. He is a master flute player and has spent many years creating hi-grade flutes. His line of flutes are the only ones that feature the name of the builder on the instrument. His sons have now taken over the business and is responsible for creating new models. His son, Mark, is in charge of promoting, sales and advertising. He also knows how to create really beautiful and efficient flutes. Although his sons now have taken the leadership role, Emerson is still a part of the team and decision making process. They are usually played by intermediate and beginner students. Here at the top models under the Emerson brand:

Emerson Model EF6B Flute- This particular Emerson Flute comes with a B foot and is recorded to cost an estimated $1000. It comes with an open hole and is considered 'french styled'. The instrument is made up with a silver-plated exterior along with headjoint features. French cups are also included. Y-arms is also another option the player can add. This flute is known to be carried by a lot of instrument rental companies for beginner and middle-level players.

Emerson EF8 Flute- The EF8 model comes with an F and G foot. This model is also considered to be french styled and closely resembles the EF6B model. Adjusting screws and padding is available along with forged keys.

Emerson 6B Flute (Standard)- This flute is considered more affordable compared to the other versions. New models can be purchased for an estimated $800. It also comes with a G and B footjoint. The silver-plated nickel silver is not the sharpness or brightness and it does tend to wear off after a certain amount of years. The risers and silver lip plate is made from sterling silver. Another feature included with this flute is undercut tone holes.

Emerson EF88B Flute- This model is very standard and basic for beginner players. It comes with the regular B and G foot and also has silver-plated exterior.

Emerson EF2 USA Emerson Student Flute- This is another flute model that is catered to student flute players. The average estimated cost is $800 for new editions. The flute is also good for instructors who want to teach student basic fingering.

Other popular Emerson Flute models include the Emerson EF1 Flute, Emerson Flute Eld, and the Emerson Alto Flute.

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