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The C. G. Conn Saxophone Company was the first company to produce saxophones in America. The very first saxophone built in America was produced in 1889 by The Conn Co. for E. A. Lefebre, a soloist who was famous in the area at that time. It was constructed by Ferdinand “Gus” Buescher, a foreman at the company in Elkhart, Indiana from 1875 to 1895. By 1894, Conn Saxophones was a flourishing company, producing Alto, Tenor, Straight Soprano, and Baritone models. These instruments were available finished in silver plate with gold plated keys, full nickel plating, or full polished brass.

During the 1890’s and the early 1900’s, the Conn Saxophone Company trademarked many saxophone models, including, but not limited to, models such as: Wonder (trademarked Feb. 1st, 1891); New Wonder (trademarked May 1st, 1917); Pan American (Jan. 29th, 1918); American First (trademarked Feb. 5th, 1918); C. G. Conn (trademarked April 2nd, 1918); and the Victor New Wonder (trademarked Oct. 15th, 1918). More models and styles were introduced in the years to come. Things such as improved key placement, custom engraving, and custom finishes were used and these are a big part of why they are such sought after collector’s items today. In 1931, Conn completely revamped their design. Adding rolled tone holes, and things like Resopads, Microtuners, and adjustable pin screws, the company was once again the brought to the forefront of the industry. In 1938, they set the musical community on it’s ears again with the introduction of a Permadjust action, developed by Hugh Loney, which solved the problem of cork compression and key height adjustment. This line was known at the Connqueror series, and is today’s most valuable and sought after collector’s item.

The C. G. Conn Saxophone Company is still with us today. While many of their earliest productions are viewed as collector’s items, the instruments produced today are considered to be the top of the line in the musical community. Currently, C. G. Conn produces the Conn Alto Saxophone, Conn Baritone Saxophone, Conn Soprano Saxophone, and Conn Tenor Saxophone, as well as numerous other instruments. Today’s design is aimed at student musicians. They are available in a copper finish, or a yellow brass finish, which is available with a black nickel or silver plating. Most recently, the Conn 280 series is designed for increased air flow, thanks to it’s specifically design neck, and has a ergonomic key design for ease of use.

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