Conn French Horn

A Conn French Horn Offers Quality Musical Performance

A Conn French horn is the instrument of choice for providing amateurs and professionals, students and educators the unique sound quality, top-level projection and excellent response they desire. C.G. Conn is America’s oldest continuous band instrument manufacturer, and the originator of the band instrument industry in the United States. Since 1875, C. G. Conn has been first in the creation of innovative musical instruments and delivering the highest quality in craftsmanship and design necessary for players to achieve the ultimate musical performance. Their selection of French horns includes a range of designs for players of every caliber.

The French horn is part of the brass family of musical instruments. It is used in brass bands, orchestras and a variety of chamber music settings. Single French horns, although only having a single pitch of either F or Bb, are often popular with beginning students as they are both lighter and cheaper than double French horns providing a combination in one instrument. Professional players typically play double horns, as they encompass a full range of notes.

The Conn 8D double French horn has been touted as the choice horn for artists since 1937. It is all nickel silver and has a large throat bell, adjustable levers, a fully mechanical changing valve and a lacquer finish. It comes complete with a 7BW mouthpiece and a plastic hard shell case. Options include a removable bell, full mechanical linkage and a silver plated finish. The Conn 8D French horn is also offered in rose brass, yellow brass and with a screw-on bell.

The Conn 6d French horn is an artist double horn with easily controlled professional features. It is widely used by students in school ensembles and is one of the best values on the market. It has a yellow lacquered brass bell, tapered bearings and rotors and nickel outer slides. It features a #2 mouthpiece and comes with a deluxe hard shell case. The 6D offers the same optional silver plated finish and full linkage as the other double Conn French horns.

There are also small and medium throat models of Conn double French horn for play that is more specific. With the same high quality workmanship and performance, they offer similar choices in color and finish as the large throat models, as well as the same full warranty. Regardless of the model required, A Conn French horn will provide the superb sound, smooth function and excellent performance every musician demands.

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