Conn Clarinet

The Musical Sounds of the Conn Clarinet

Music is a part of life that has been changing drastically over the past decade. People are moving away from humanly produced music and focusing more on synthesizers and computer produced music. This drastic change has caused musical performers and symphonies to step up their game in gaining audiences and playing better to keep people listening to them. Symphonies are having a harder and harder time attracting the large audiences that used to frequent concert halls and stadiums. Now, these symphonies have to have everything working right in order to keep their audiences.

In order to keep these things working, they have to have two things. First, these orchestras need to have very talented and practiced musicians. A band is only as good as its players, right? Another thing that is a must have are top of the line instruments. Even a professional musician cannot play a beautiful melody if the instrument they are playing is only subpar. Instruments need to be hand crafted and given he finest detail, like Conn clarinets.  Popular models include the Conn 16 Clarinet, Conn 444n Clarinet, and the Conn Bass Clarinet.

Conn has been around for many years and has become one of the largest instrument makers in the country. The company was started by a Civil War General name C. G. Conn. He was a very talented musician, but noticed that whenever a band would play on a hard street and start marching, the cornet player would suffer bruised lips. He developed and patented a rubber cushioned mouth piece that enabled these players to march and not get hurt.

He sold mouthpieces for years until he produced the first American built cornet in 1875. He started up his company by selling all sorts of brass instruments. When Conn merged with Selmer, the company was able to produce both brass and woodwind instruments, which is when they started to produce the Conn clarinet.

The Conn clarinets are all made in American and with the finest materials around. They are skillfully crafted to produce the best sound that can ever be heard from a clarinet, and the buttons and keys are all made by hand. The Conn Selmer Clarinet is produced to create the perfect sound for any situation, whether it be in the London Philharmonic Orchestra or just a neighborhood jazz band. These clarinets are meant to last and to keep producing their top of the line sound for generations. A band is only as strong as its instruments, and with a clarinet from Conn, there is no doubt it will sound great.

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