Bundy Saxophone

Bundy Saxophone - Excellent Choice for Beginners

If you've ever been to a school band performance, you have no doubt seen and heard a Bundy saxophone. If you have ever rented a sax, it was probably a Bundy. The Bundy Selmer Saxophone is no doubt one of the most widely used student saxophone models on the market today. The Bundy sax has it's roots in the early days of the Selmer horn company. Bundy is the US division of Selmer. Bundy saxophones are actually made by the Selmer company and distributed under the Bundy name in the United States.  These include the Bundy Alto Saxophone and the Bundy Tenor Saxophone.

In 1910, brothers from France, Alexandre and Henri Selmer, founded a small retail horn shop in New York City. Both were clarinetists trained at the Paris Conservatory. In 1918, when they returned to Paris, the Selmer brothers sold the American division of the company to an employee, George Bundy. Bundy soon moved the company to Elkhart IN, which was a major manufacturing hub for the musical instrument industry.

Bundy experienced a major boost in sales in the 1960s and '70s, when baby boomers were entering school. It was during those years that school system music programs were in full swing driving up the demand for band instruments significantly. During this period Bundy began production of the Bundy II saxophone. Although still a student grade horn, it became known and widely respected as a quality instrument.

Modern Bundy saxophones are generally considered to be of medium quality, suitable for the first four years of saxophone play and sometime beyond. If you are buying a first saxophone for yourself or your child, the price tag of a new Bundy horn may seem a bit high. Considering that overhauling a used saxophone can often cost several hundreds of dollars, a new horn is usually the best choice for beginners.

Bundy saxophones are available new from a number of leading online instrument sellers. Sometimes sold under the name Selmer-Bundy, they sell outfits for beginning and advancing students. Keys are nickel silver with plastic resonators and leather pads for greater projection and responsiveness. Most outfits come with an ABS plastic hard case. Bundy models currently available are the Bundy BAS-300 Alto Saxophone and the Bundy BTS-300 Tenor Saxophone. Owners seem to be impressed by their reliability and durability, some preferring the Bundy over more expensive Selmer models.

If you are looking to buy that first saxophone, consider a Selmer Bundy Saxophone outfit. The combination of reliability, durability and value make it an excellent choice.

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