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Bundy Clarinets Are Great Instruments

The Bundy Company is actually a sub-company, if you will, of Selmer. Selmer was the first to successfully produce the molded clarinet in 1948, the Bundy Resonite® model 1400. It was used by such great artists as Benny Goodman. The Bundy Resonite clarinet launched a revolution in affordable, high quality musical instruments and established Selmer as an industry leader. The band instrument industry grew rapidly in the 1960s and 1970s as demand increased due to a “baby boom” in the number of school age children and the proliferation of school music programs throughout the United States. The Selmer Bundy Clarinet was made as a student level instrument for school band students. It is solidly built contrary to popular opinion. We know this because there are 40-50 year old multi-generational hand-me-down Bundy clarinets still in use.

Clarinets, by definition are musical instruments in the woodwind family. The name "clarinet" comes from adding the suffix -et, which means little, to the Italian word "clarino" which means a specific type of trumpet. This came about due to the first clarinets producing a tone similar to that of a trumpet. The clarinet itself comes in different varieties. The three include the Bundy Soprano Clarinet, the Bundy Alto Clarinet and the Bundy Bass Clarinet. There are many features that are of professional standard including: ABS Resin body, bell, and barrel, Nickel-silver key material, 17 keys - 6 rings key system, Premium quality double skin pads, Stainless steel screw mechanism, and also a hard shell ABS case.

Bundy clarinets are often used as student or starter clarinets for beginning clarinetists. It is useful to know what model the instrument is so that the appropriate supplies can be bought and maintenance be carried out when needed. There are several different parts on the clarinet that the Bundy logo and serial number will be placed, and this article will detail where the logo can be found.

The Bundy Selmer Clarinet varies in price anywhere from $30 at a rummage sale, $179 when renting for the school year, and up to $299 if you want to own one for yourself. There are also accessories available for purchase including joint corks, and mouthpieces. After purchasing a clarinet you will want to have a maintenance kit which includes: Pure Formula Key Oil, Clarinet Chamois, Tube Cork Grease, Mouthpiece Brush Polishing Cloth, Thumb Rest Cushions (2), ID Tag, and a Herco Complete Care Guide. Costing only $26.95 the maintenance kit is well worth the price to keep your Bundy Clarinet playing and sounding like brand new for many years.

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