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Trust the Strength of an Armstrong Flute

Whether you are a child that's eager to learn or an advanced musician, the Armstrong band stands for dependability, durability and dedication to its customers when it comes to choosing and purchasing a wind pipe instrument. Armstrong Flutes in particular are known for their popularity amongst first time flute players. Armstrong Flutes provide a variety of flutes designed to take students from their “coaching flute” (designed to allow for some errors made by the student) to their graduated more advanced flute (the student must learn to play more precise).

What cannot be stressed enough is Armstrong’s confidence in their instruments durability and life span. The WT Armstrong Flute can back their claim though the generations as they have been in business for over seventy-five years. Flutists have been able to pass their flutes down from generation to generation as they are made with only the most quality materials (silver, nickel, and gold) and are heavy plated.

As the flute is a very precise instrument, not all students are able to make a sound that resembles a note; even after many tries. The Armstrong aids in this hurdle. Armstrong has divided their flute models into two categories: student flutes, and step up flutes. The student flute (or “coaching flute”), which often assists as a learning aid, comes in four models: the 102, the 104, the 104H, and the 103. The 102 and the 104 are quite similar. Both models are designed with a special headjoint piece which satisfies the student with a responsive sound and ease of hearing an actual note. Also, both models include key cups to insure the absence of air leakage: another factor that hinders a flutist from creating a deliberate sound. An offset G mechanism is also available on these models. One deciding factor may be the appearance as the 104 is made to look more professional. The 1042H model is especially intended for the youngest and smallest of aspiring flutist as it is made with a curved headjoint to encourage these pupils to continue playing with comfort. For a less expensive option, the 103 is similar to the 102 but comes without plugs, which may be purchased separately.

One a student is ready to graduate, Armstrong carries three step-up models: the Armstrong 303 Flute, the Armstrong 303BP Flute, and the Armstrong 800B Flute. The motive to switch to a step-up model is for the student to promote his or her talent, use what they have learned, and prefect their sound on a model which will allow them to do so. All step-up models are made with an increased amount of silver which grants more tone and pitch to each note played. Though all these models provide this function, the difference in appearance varies. The 303 and the 303BP are both beautiful sterling silver flutes, but the 800B is by far the fanciest. Made with the 303 platform, the 800B comes with a 14K yellow gold plated embouchure and crown.  Popular models also include the Armstrong 104 Flute, Armstrong Alto Flute, and the Armstrong Bass Flute.

Purchasing a used Armstrong is in no way a mistake as these flutes are built to last. A quality student model can be found on ebay for as low as sixty dollars. However, newer models, (since they are so indestructible and infrequently replaced) may come at an expense. While brand new models range from eight hundred to over a thousand dollars, many lightly used flutes are available at fractions of the cost. No matter how you obtain an Armstrong, they are defiantly the best choice for serious students who wish to master the art of the flute.

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